Mid-Levels West

Mid-Levels West

Ranging from Mid-Levels Central to the beginning of Pokfulam on the western side of Hong Kong Island, Mid-Levels West offers the same leafy green residential streets as its two other Mid-Levels neighbors, but with closer proximity to the trendy Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town. Residences in Mid-Levels West tend to be a mix of both old and modern high-rise apartment complexes with facilities such as pools, gyms, and views of Victoria Harbour, as well as renovated low-rise buildings and a small selection of beautiful post-war apartments. Residences in Mid-Levels West can range anywhere from a 600 square foot studio unit in a modern high-rise to a 2,800 square foot apartment in an old post-war building, so there is something for everyone in Mid-Levels West at a variety of price points.

The general demographic in Mid-Levels West ranges from couples to families with children. Given the high building density, this part of Mid-Levels is noticeably more congested and can experience high levels of traffic during peak hours, but makes up in convenience and character, which continues to make Mid-Levels West one of the more popular residential districts on the island. Mid-Levels West also benefits from easy access to the Mid-Levels Escalator running up from the Central Business District and ending on Conduit Road - a vein of transport that has become essential for many residents here and a major benefit for the daily business commute.

Mid-Levels West offers a mix of both local and international schools which will appeal to families and nature lovers will enjoy easy access to well-marked trails leading up the hillside to the Peak.




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