The Peak

The Peak

The Peak Is one of the most affluent and influential apartment area in Hong Kong, real es-tate in The Peak are crowning glory with bragging rights to literally the coolest views in town. Visitors and residents enjoy the opportunity to ride the Peak Tram up and down Hong Kong’s picturesque hillside, a train many tourists do not realize is still in regular use today by some of the city’s oldest residents, those lucky enough to live near it.

Aside from quiet, tree-lined streets leading to private homes and exclusive real estate in The Peak Hong Kong with picture perfect views, the most visited spot on the Peak is the Peak Tower, a modern shopping complex with a state-of-the-art open air lookout where one can enjoy 360 degree views of the entire island, including Kowloon and the surrounding islands.

Compared to its hillside neighbors below, Real estate in The Peak Hong Kong promotes cool breezes that grace elegant villas and some of the world’s most stunning develop-ments, accredited to the city’s earliest founders and some of today’s most renowned archi-tects whom have all made their own mark on this incredible mountain. All this Hong Kong luxury apartments in The Peak comes with its own exclusive price tag, but how does one put a price on overlooking one of the most iconic cities in the world?

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