Sai Kung

Sai Kung

This lush green peninsula in northeastern Hong Kong has long been considered the ideal weekend escape from the city with a reputation for the freshest seafood, a peaceful coastline, pristine beaches, exclusive yacht clubs, historic hiking trails, and nature reserves.

Although slightly more removed from the rest of the city, Sai Kung Hong Kong makes up for what it lacks in urban excitement with a truly amazing coastal lifestyle that is unique to this area alone. The heart of this peaceful enclave, generally known as Hebe Haven, is located just off the main road and about a 30-minute drive from the city. While Sai Kung’s coastal seafood restaurants have long been the area’s claim to fame, the uniqueness of the Sai Kung property landscape has quickly increased in popularity as a luxury residential area featuring beautiful open landscapes not easily found on the relatively populated Hong Kong island. Village homes, villas, low-rise apartments, and cluster developments tend to be the norm on the Sai Kung propertymarket, with more and more stunning, private hillside and coastal properties, as well as remarkable new private developments that are redefining the concept of luxury countryside living. Popular among families, there are a range of local and international schools located here that cater to those unwilling to trade the tranquility of nature for city living.

Although Hong Kong island is not far away, The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and Hebe Haven Yacht Club are both located here, offering several amenities exclusively to its members, complementing the excellent range of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s easy to see why Sai Kung is affectionately called “home” by those seeking a true coastal lifestyle removed from the trappings of city life.

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