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The Woolworth Pinnacle Penthouse
New York, United States

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Castle in the air
The Woolworth Pinnacle Penthouse located in vibrant lower Manhattan in New York City, among the same avenues and cobblestone streets often frequented by visionaries, intellectuals, artists, and celebrities of the past, this iconic architectural masterpiece combines early 20th century craftsmanship with today’s modern technology, setting a new standard for exclusive luxury living.
Ever so often, one is fortunate to witness a special moment in architectural history that sets a new standard of luxury and exclusivity. Completed in 1913, the iconic Woolworth Building was an architectural masterpiece of its time, representing an unprece-dented level of structural and artistic innovation, standing higher than any other known structure worldwide at the time of its completion. At a majestic 792 feet, this national historic landmark continues its reign as part of the iconic New York City skyline. For those seeking to own a part of the rich cultural history of this special location, one has but to witness the grandeur of The Woolworth Pinnacle Penthouse, the crowning glory of this long revered national historic landmark.
The iconic residence sits atop the 50th floor of the Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan comprising five levels creating a stately 9,710 sq ft interior, not to mention a 408 sq ft private observatory terrace with 360 degree views of the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Hudson River, and New York Harbor. Alluding to an era of old-Hollywood glamour seldom found today, this stunning home featuring twenty-four foot high ceilings and a private elevator is the result of a careful historical renovation high-lighting grand living spaces, luxury materials and contemporary appliances and electronics. Exclusive resident amenities include full-time concierge service with a 24-hour doorman, a beautifully restored indoor pool, fitness studio, and wine cellar with a tasting room, to name a few.